10 best products for children on iHerb.

We all want our children to be the best – bright and safe toys, efficient and harmless multivitamins, high-quality and hypoallergenic hygiene products … Unfortunately, traditional shops are not always ready for this “the best” to offer. And if they are ready – it is except for the price of the wing from the aircraft.

Fast, simple and budget way to buy kids products and products of proper quality – American online store IHERB. Here is a wide range of natural and safe positions for children:

Vitamins and nutritional supplements necessary for healthy growth and development; Hypoallergenic cosmetics – shampoos, balms, toothpastes, soap …; Qualitative hygienic agents from safe (naturally – natural) materials – Toothbrushes, Combs, Teethers …; Environmentally friendly foods; Bright and safe toys.

All this wealth passed numerous checks, received dozens of certificates. But the best quality confirmation is Sales: hundreds of thousands of purchases are performed on Iherb.com every day, and pleased buyers come back here for loved products again and again. 7 d

1. Immunobaster Animal Parade from Nature’s Plus.

Chewable vitamins pills in the form of animals from the Animal Parade series (“Parade Animals”) is one of the most popular children’s products on Iherb. The ruler presents products of different purposes – with calcium and zinc, with vitamins from A to D, with Omega-3 …

Immunobaster – means to enhance immunity – from the “Parade of Animals” beats sales records in the cold season. And it is not surprising. Adults will appreciate the quality, safe, hypoallergenic composition based on key vitamins (A, C, E) and natural products (grape juice concentrate, turmeric, Chinese green tea, lactobacilla), directly or indirectly stimulating immunity.

Children are always delighted with the shape of jelly pills – in the form of cats, dogs, bears, hippos.

From reviews:

“I did not believe in the effectiveness of the tablets. And in vain. I am glad that I tried, I will buy it constantly. Sonulya oh-oh-very often sick (in a week), almost constantly on antibiotics, I even explained in the clinic that I had a “Nesadovsky” a child. I tried a bunch of different medicines, starting with homeopathy and ultimately ENT prescribed a hormonal drug.

Summing up the above described, I want to say that these vitamins helped us cope with soreness. The child finally began to go to the garden. ” “Super pills! Excellent composition that really works!

The child began to hurt much less, and the disease suffers much easier. If earlier snot moved to otitis, and purulent otitis, high temperature, hospital for 2 weeks, then now snot it is just snot 🙂 we drank the course 2 times a year – in spring and autumn. ” “I did not notice any tangible effect. Givered with the signs of the disease, which resulted in 1.5 weekly illness of the child. Perhaps giving it later.

2 capsules per day 7 days. The taste of the child (7 years) criticized, wrinkled. As a result, he eating only with jam.

I also tried it too. In my opinion, the taste is normal, not nasty. And the virus in my case managed to defeat faster than usual. “

2. Children’s fish fat with the taste of strawberry Nordic Naturals.

Fishe fat (he is omega-3) is presented in the assortment from many manufacturers. But not every such product is useful. Often, fish oil is obtained from the liver of large species of sea fish, not particularly taking care of where this fish spent its lives and how contaminated waters lived. The Nordic Naturals brand carefully ensures that its products are most secure, eco-friendly and efficient.

That is why goods under this brand are somewhat more expensive than competitors, but it is worth it.

In particular, this children’s omega-3 is made from the liver of a wild Arctic cod, which has been highly purified. The half-teaspoon of the product contains 525 mg of essential fatty acids, which are necessary to support children’s intelligence, attentiveness, good mood and for the development of the brain and the nervous system as a whole.

From reviews:

“Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 significantly improve the work of the child’s brain and are excellent sedatives for children, they contribute to a decrease in anxiety and stress in children, increase immunity and improve the eyesiness of the child. My daughter is not calm, irritable, no perceptual and capricious. Already after the first two weeks of reception, I noticed the effect, it became calmer, more judicious, memory improved.

Even the surrounding noticed improvements. ” “Capsules are small, the size of the pea, smells of strawberry, if you cut off, then there is no strawberry taste, my daughter chose to swallow. FROM

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