12 best auto alarms.

Choosing a car alarm, drivers face a wide range of security systems. Our rating will help choose the best car alarm for your car.

How to choose auto alarm.

First of all, you should decide on the type of signaling. Manufacturers offer the following variants of security complexes:

One-sided – systems that do not notify the owner of the state of the car, hijacking and hacking. Bilateral – support communication with the LCD keychain by radio channels and transmit information about the status of the car.

The second group includes models with a motor motor, a special dialog code to protect the signal, as well as support for mobile applications. Functional filling will depend on the total cost of the kit.

After the motorist was determined with the type of signaling, it selects the most reliable manufacturer. Market leaders are considered:

Starline, Pantera, Alligator, Pandora, Mongoose. stamp

The listed stamps are the smallest stats in the hijack.

At the final stage, the car owner studies the model range from the manufacturer and selects the optimal version with the security and service functions.

The best one-sided car alarms.

Alarm without feedback is the basic protection of the car at an attractive price. In one-way systems there is no function of notification of the owner about trying to hack. Because of this, they are considered the least efficient and are often criticized by motorists.

However, it is one-sided signaling that is the optimal option for densely built-up areas, where the signal strength may not be enough.

When choosing systems without feedback, experts recommend paying attention to the models with the possibility of connecting additional sensors and code relays. The add-in data allow you to increase the protective characteristics of the device.

Mongoose 700s Line 4 is the most advanced system.

Mongoose 700s Line 4 is improved car alarm from Boomerang, represented by drivers in 2018. Made with the use of modern technologies, therefore it is characterized by efficiency and compact dimensions. The control unit and the door locks relay are barely exceed in size for matchboxes.

In this case, the device is equipped with 45 useful features, many of which used to be found only in bilateral products. Among the most sought-after: two-level impact sensor, LED alerts about alarm causes, as well as Anti Hi-Jack.

Protection code from scanning; Protection of access code through PIN; dynamic coding system; Valet mode; the ability to disable alarm without harm for protective functions; The ability to block the engine even when the protection is turned off.

low noise immunity; Key rings are quickly discharged.

Despite the minimum cost, the Mongoose 700S Line has a correct shutdown mode for turbo motors, which allows you to save the motor resources. The system is universal and suitable for any car.

Cyclone A12 – reliable protection.

The next novelty of 2019 in the signaling market was one-sided model A12 from the popular Cyclone company. It has 3 additional channels for service features and the ability to connect 1 spare sensor. The main advantage of the development is the immobilizer mode, more familiar to bilateral systems.

Recording and delete key fobs from the system’s memory; remote opening of the trunk; non-volatile memory; dynamic signal encoding; Staging and removing with security without keychain; Programmable pulse time for opening door locks.

Before reflected keychain.

Cyclone A12 will like the novice car owners, because Includes only the most necessary functions. According to basic characteristics and configuration Mongoose and Cyclone similar.

The best bilateral auto alarms.

Bilateral alarms may transmit information about the status of the machine on the LCD keychain. The owner in real time will find out about the attempts of hijacking, hacking, blows and location of his car. When choosing bilateral alarm, drivers are focused on criteria such as the radius and frequency of the key fob, the number of protection degrees, as well as service functions.

Pandora DX 9X is the best alarm of the domestic assembly.

By the beginning of the spring season of 2019, Pandora prepared an inexpensive New DX 9X. According to the developers, the alarm has absorbed all the best and tested “chips” of past versions.

A distinctive feature of the new model was the full cycle of domestic assembly: from casting plastic to DIP-mounting. The DX 9X alarm is made in Kaluga at Pandora’s factory using high-tech equipment (such devices are used in Foxconn to build iPad and iPhone).

The product corresponds to the world’s most hard standard IATF 16949-2016 for automotive electronics.

The dialog dynamic code prevents hacking attempts; economical power consumption; M.

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