2002 – 2006 Overview of Nissan Altima.

2002 – 2006 Overview of Nissan Altima.

2002-2006 Altima is a persistently stylized medium-size sedan, available with 4 cylinders or one of the strongest in its engine class V6. Altima offered spacious internal sports and stable ride. Reliability, however, was not as good as Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.

Nissan Altima has a drive on the front wheels with a four-wheeled independent suspension. Many of the components of the altime suspension made from aluminum make it light weight. Four-wheeled disc brakes are standard, anti-lock brake system (ABS) is optional. Altima comes with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with 16 DOHC valves at 175 horsepower or a strong 240-HP 3.5-liter VQ model with 24 DOHC V6 valves. Both engines have a quiet chain instead of a drive belt. Or the engine was offered with manual or automatic transmissions with 4 speeds with 5 speeds. Sports model sulfur, added in 2005 The proposed modified version of the same 3.5-liter V6 engine with 260 horsepower and the choice of manual or automatic transmission with 5 speeds with 6 speeds with a manual mode of change.

Inside, Altima is very spacious. The dashboard is quite simple with convenient controls, and the orange highlighted the tools with round sensors. The driver’s seat is convenient with good side support. On the underside the quality of internal materials and fitting and end could be better.

On the road Altima is managed well, although the right is stable, and you can feel the road blows and cracks at slow speed. Highway ride is better, with accurate movement on the turn. The 4-cylinder engine feels responsive, and the V6 is very strong – with a manual transmission, it is like driving a rocket.

In NHTSA headile crash Tests 2002-2004 Nissan Altima received four stars for both, the driver and the front passenger, while 2005-2006 Altima received five stars for the driver and five stars for the front passenger in the same tests. For more details, visit SEFERKER. MGOV. cylinder head


– Internal materials and quality could be better – steady ride – the rotation radius is very wide – reliability is not as good as it should be.


2002-2006 Altima offers sports modeling, a spacious inner part and a very strong additional V6. On the underside reliability is not as good as it should be. If you want to buy a used altima, I recommend the model V6 starting with 3.5L, V6 is the best engine. Avoid early models with 4 cylinders (2002 – 2003), since they seem to have more problems. If you want something more reliable, you are looking for something like Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

What to look for the purchase used by Nissan Altima.

As the first step, check the reports of the used machine. A story about history can help you reveal some of the problems that the car might have in the past, such as accidents, injuries from flooding, lowered odometer to the previous level, etc. Follow this link: how to check the history of the used machine – if the car runs roughly and mirkets at startup, avoid it. – A very low level of coolant without external leakage could specify an inner leakage (for example, a bad cylinder head laying). – if & quot; light & quot; The inspection engine goes, rate the problem with your mechanic, or a dealer before you buy a car – in the worst case repair could be quite expensive (for example, the cylinder head laying, catalytic converter, etc.). – Low oil level can specify excessive oil consumption. – During the test engine, pay attention to how the automatic transmission works. Explore more, what to look for, buying a used car – before buying, consider the car the mechanic of your choice. Make the shopping wise, check out some cars to compare; It is worth paying a little extra for a well-supported vehicle in good condition. Check out our gradual reference book of the used car for more information. Some models can be expensive to insure. Get insurance quotes first.

Some service tips.

– washing and wax your car regularly to protect the paint. – If you live in a high humidity area, then processing against rust will help protect the body of a passenger car and chassis from corrosion. – Regular oil replacements are very important to keep your engine in good condition. – overheating can cause serious machine problems. – Synthetic canister for oil provides additional protection for your

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