8 best trunk on the roof of the car.

The theme of our today’s rating & mdash; The best trunk on the roof of the car. Each car & ndash; Under your tasks: you can’t argue with this. But what to do if you want to get out of the enno number of kilometers with your family on the usual and convenient in the city of & laquo; in-class & raquo; which employed salon will almost deprive the luggage space & ndash; Do not change the same car?

The answer is invented for a long time and is already settled into the design of many cars: the possibility of installing the luggage system on the roof. It is especially lucky to the owners of & laquo; inexpensive & raquo; -Krossovers and & laquo; adults & raquo; SUVs: they, as a rule, there are already rains on the roofs, allowing universal arcs without any special difficulties to put on them. But also on ordinary machines, no rare full-time strengthening or bedding nuts on the roof, covered by seals: Another thing is that it is already necessary to look for a luggage system for a specific car (especially given the fact that at current times & laquo; Cats & raquo; trunk on abnormal places treated as a change in the design of the car). bicycles

And do not forget about the lovers of outdoor activities & ndash; They have to often carry & Laquo; Negabarite & Raquo; In the form of bicycles, skis and snowboards, which even in an empty car do not always fit can be physically clean. So where is it all nin? Of course, on the roof!

We will try to figure out everything today with this. And without taking for obvious reasons & laquo; narrow specialized & raquo; Models with a full-time place (after all, our rating of the best trunks on the roof & ndash; not for a particular car), hint: The manufacturers listed by us for their arcs with fastening on classic rails are offered either installation sets & laquo; at the staff & raquo; either ready-made kits of the same Arc with fastener for a specific car. So repel when choosing a better trunk, it will be quite possible and from & laquo; classical & raquo; Arcs that we included in today’s rating.

Rating of the best trunk on the roof of the car.

Category Place Name Ranking The Best Coastings for Installation on Railways 1 Thule Wingbar EDGE 9.8 / 10 2 Erkul Wingcarrier V1 9.4 / 10 3 Lux Elegant Travel 82 9.1 / 10 Best Autobobes 1 Thule Touring M 200 9.9 / 10 2 LUX TAVR 175 9.2 / 10 3 Atlant Sport 431 8.8 / 10 The best waters on the roof of the car 1 Thule ProRide 591 9.8 / 10 The best fastenings for skis and snowboards 1 Thule Snowpack L 9.6 / 10.

The best coordinates for installation on the rails.

Thule Wingbar Edge.

One of the main problems of transverse arcs is obvious & ndash; their aerodynamics: classic & laquo; bars & raquo; Even at moderate speeds are clearly noisy, and transmitting their own vibration through the roof rails & ndash; And as a result, the noise becomes even stronger. In addition, bad aerodynamics & ndash; It is also an increase in fuel consumption, even when the crossmen is not used for their intended purpose at all, and simply put on the roof. Well, here’s the answer from Thule: the luggage arcs marked with an excellent aerodynamics, provided not only by the aluminum aluminum themselves, but also by the presence of finvators-diffusers & ndash on them; Better Aviation solution, & laquo; descended on Earth & raquo;.

Well, and the result came out really excellent & ndash; With high strength (permissible load & ndash; 75 kg) arcs came out really so low noise, what to make them & laquo; sound & raquo; You can only at the speeds that usually do not go on cars with rails.

Mounting of arcs & ndash; Traditional, tightening clamps hexagon, which is complete very comfortable, with a large head head. The tightening mechanism is closed with a fairing lid and locked on Castle & Ndash; Moreover, buying for use with these arcs Other luggage accessories Thule (first of all Autozzles), you can use one key for all constipation thanks to the support of Thule One-Key’s arcs. On the upper plane of the arc there is a groove under T-mounting (& laquo; Euroslot & raquo;), closed with a dense rubber plug when it is not used.

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