A quick overview of the MPOW M7 wireless headphones.

Quick review of MPOW M7 wireless headphones.

Let me remind you that MPOW is well known in narrow circles. It was founded in 2013, won the Bestseller nominations, received the Red Dot Design Award several times and entered the TOP-5 stores on Amazon.

Contents of delivery.

The device is sold in black and red thick paper packaging. It’s pretty straightforward. The rest of the company’s headphones are sold in about the same..

The kit includes:

USB-C cable ear pads two earbuds case various instructions.


Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Sensitivity: 97 dB Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 Codecs: SBC, AAC Protection: IPx7 Impedance: 16 Ohm Microphone: yes, headset mode Support: iOS and Android.


Let’s start with a case study. It is made of black plastic, the material is semi-gloss. The workmanship is slightly above average, that is, it is felt that there were still savings on plastic.

On the other hand, this is just a “box” for storing headphones.

Together with headphones, it weighs 53 grams. Dimensions – 75x30x35 mm. Such a typical case, like most similar ones.

But it should be said that there is much less. For example, Pamu slide mini – 65x30x25 mm.

Since the device has a black casing, there are no hand marks left. However, scuffs and scratches will definitely be over time..

There are 4 indicators on the front panel that indicate the battery charge of the case.

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Back side – USB-C for battery charging.

The lid opens relatively easily, there is a clear fixation only in extreme positions. Held by magnets.

The earbuds weigh 5.3 grams. They have a typical shape for similar TWS devices: a little thick – a little over 15 mm, long – about 25 mm. Made from the same material as the case.

However, the upper part is rubberized, there is a mechanical button inside.

Each of the earphones is equipped with an activity indicator, microphone and button.

They sit perfectly in the auricle even on regular ear pads. Do not fall out with active movements. Yes, they do put a little pressure on the eardrum, like many other similar headphones.

Sound quality.

The first thing worth emphasizing: MPOW M7 works with SBC and AAC codecs, there is no aptX support here. I listened to compositions on the AAC codec. Unfortunately, there is no information on emitters (sizes, number of drivers, etc.).

When connecting to a smartphone, there were no problems: I activated Bluetooth on the phone, opened the case, took out the headphones and selected them in the connection settings on the smartphone.

The sound is surprisingly very, very high quality for its 2,800 rubles: it is soft, the low frequencies are pleasant (by ear it starts from 50 Hz), the middle frequencies are heard perfectly, the high frequencies could be better (the limit is about 12-14 kHz), but … there is. It is a pleasure to listen to rock in these headphones: the buzz is minimized, the guitar sounds right, the drums are generally above all praise. Overall, the sound is extremely punchy..

As a headset, the MPOW M7 are almost perfect! The voice is transmitted very clearly and cleanly, you can verify this by listening to the recording file.

Let me remind you that I always test the headset mode on the same network, in HD Voice (both phones are in this mode), and so on..

Working hours.

The capacity of the batteries in the headphones is not indicated, the case has a 500 mAh battery. One charge was enough for me for about 5 hours, and from the “box” the headphones were charged 3 times.

The case is powered by USB-C connector, full charge – 1 hour. The “ears” inside it are powered for the same time.


For a little over 2,500 rubles, you get very interesting headphones in terms of sound quality. Yes, I myself was pleasantly surprised. The headset mode made no less impression – the voice is clear, loud and quite clear.

Of the minuses – perhaps only a primitive design and body materials.

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