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This year for manufactory was really rich in different new items, which, as always, are flawless in terms of unity of internal filling and external design. The appearance of the new o’clock is fully fitted in the framework of the tradition of the famous manufactory. The house is successfully addressed to classic samples, drawing inspiration in the outlines of the first models of Calatrava 30s of the 20th century, now exhibited on the stands of the Patek Philippe Geneva Museum.

From the point of view of the development of the technical base, the company in 2006 did a very important, one can even say a decisive step: life is presented the first chronographic automatic rally, fully developed and assembled in the walls of manufactory.

Important changes occurred in the Nautilus collection. Sports and elegant Patek Philippe watch, who celebrated his thirty-year-old anniversary, were not subject to any significant stylistic changes, but at the same time the building structure was dramatically changed. In addition, the firm continues to experiment with new materials: after the appearance of an anchor-about wheel made of silicon in 2005, the Spiromex spiral from Silinvar arrived.

She found application in the Annual Calendar model (Ref. 5350), released limited edition. men’s watches

The appearance of automatic chronograph Patek Philippe The public has long expected long ago: and Geneva Manufactory satisfied these expectations, presenting a novelty – Ref. 5960P, a clock with chronograph, to which a patented annual calendar has been added.

Ref. 5960 N is wrist men’s watches in a classic building marked by the Patek Philippe – diamond sign in the position of & laquo; B) & raquo; Dial, in the lower half of which the counters of chronographic clocks and minutes are resolved in silvery and anthracite colors. The location of the counters is distinguished by an unusual: they appear in the form of two arrows and two scales superimposed on each other, which allows you to apply a non-standard concentric configuration. On the inner second dial there was a place for a discrete time indicator of the day (Indicator & Laquo; day / night & raquo;), useful if you have to set the time on the clock after they have ended the factory.

Thus, the risk of the eternal calendar’s work is retracted and ensure the accuracy of the date pointer.

The screwing back cover with the sapphire window allows you to admire the filigree finish of the exclusive mechanism. The new chronographic caliber CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H, fully developed and assembled on the manufactory, is an automatic mechanism with a chronograph, equipped with Flyback function, stroke index / annual calendar and pointer & laquo; day / night & raquo;. The work of chronographic counters is traditionally carried out using a column wheel, and developing an inclusion system, Patek Philippe applied a vertical friction clutch in this caliber, the solution is quite popular in the modern hour.

The transfer of torque with the lead gear seconds to the central gear of the chronograph (which in this caliber are located on one axis) is achieved by friction. When the chronograph is turned on, the gears are connected and pressed the spring. After stopping the chronograph, they are separated by the levers. This system guarantees a very soft start of a second chronographic arrow and prevents the return gear wear. In addition, the friction clutch system takes less energy at the main mechanism compared to other systems.

Chronograph can be permanently enabled, including the Flyback function can work, which will not affect the stroke or accuracy. Therefore, constructing the ref. 5960p, the first, equipped with a new caliber, Patek Philippe made it possible to do without a second arrows.


Classic among the classics PATEK Philippe, the superfluous model Perpetual Calendar updated its harmonious design. NEW REF. 5140, replacing REF.

3940, produced in a white gold case slightly larger diameter (37.2 mm instead of the previous 36) with embossed growth and curved ears, thus emphasizing the unique thickness (more precisely – the subtlety) of the model is 8.5 mm. The drawing of the dial remains a true traditional solution: designers except the date pointer more expressive, slightly increasing its dial located in the position of the “6 hours” 6 hours & raquo; The unchangeable mechanism, the caliber 240 q with an automatic plant, an incredibly small thickness of which (3.88 mm) is ensured due to a 22-carat gold shifted from the center of the microcorum and optimization of the eternal calendar mechanism.

WORLD TIME REF. 5130 (photo 2)

Patek Philippe has prepared a new version of the famous WORLD TIME model that has replaced the 2000 model, Ref. 5110. However, the differences are small, except for a small increase in the size of the case. Fully changed design

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