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Review: Front speakers YAMAHA NS-50F, (2 speakers included), black.

Review: YAMAHA NS-50F Front Speakers, (2 Speakers Included), Black. Choosing inexpensive front speakers for your home theater. Having stumbled upon the New Year’s sale on the Yamaha rx-v375 receiver and bought it for 8 thousand rubles, the question arose about buying acoustics for this unit. The idea was to build a home theater system. There […]

The peacock — species, brief description, features, life cycles + 106 photos.

In the competition for the most beautiful bird in the world, the peacock would undoubtedly take first place. The richness of its colours, which the peacock likes to show off at every opportunity, is a real eye-catcher. peacocks When meeting a peacock for the first time, you will have an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. […]

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Hello to everyone behind the wheel. 2001 Omega 2.2, automatic transmission, climate, cruise, full package, wheels 16. I already had two years, before that I also had Omega but 96go with 2.5 engine (6 pots) with the same configuration. I took the second one deliberately. I was very pleased with the first one. But I […]

Review of the most popular fitness bracelets from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei.

In today’s review, we propose to study the main characteristics of popular fitness bracelets, compare them with each other and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each device. This information will certainly help people who have decided to purchase a gadget and want to choose the most optimal option for themselves. So let’s start in […]

Review and testing of the AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT processor. Red revenge.

Over the past three years, since the release of the first Ryzen, the changes in the desktop processor market have been much more productive than since the introduction of Sandy Bridge back in 2011. AMD has imposed a nuclear race on a competitor, and by this indicator wins victory after victory. If at first the […]

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Nissan Titan 2017. This is an improved, more modern model of the well-known Pickup. Compared to competitors, for a relatively short period of time on the market, the Nissan Titan successfully competes on an equal footing with the largest pickup trucks. Past Nissan Titan models were more youthful, sporty, but did not offer the standard […]