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Book Kids – Best Children’s Books, Review Reviews.

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Book Kids – Best Children’s Books, Review Reviews. hoes

Life Philosophy | Self-development.

If in your life & quot; something is wrong & quot;, then you know this is the usual life situation.

The crisis is a marker that the old one no longer works, and the new has not yet been formed.

The crisis is not a consequence of our mistake and not a signal that something is wrong with us. This is evidence that we are developing and pass through the stages of growth. Show completely.

The more you fly to stay afloat, the sooner you drown. The intense is looking for, the less likely to find.

You can not read the label sitting inside the jar. New experience is the territory of discoveries.

The best way to check whether your staircase is attached to Tover the wall – it’s about who and what makes on the steps above.

It is impossible to manage accidents, but it is possible to create patterns. They can be planned. The meaning of any plan is to increase the chances of the appearance of opportunities.

Many roads lead to any goal.

Selection is a choice. He is not about hope. Not about knowing that everything will be fine. Not about warranty – especially.

He is about the fact that you just continue to do what you think right for yourself.

Elena Rezanov: These are norms & # 33; The book about the search for yourself, the crisis of career and self-determination

Book Kids – Best Children’s Books, Review Reviews.

Life Philosophy | Self-development.

Book Kids – Best Children’s Books, Review Reviews.

Life Philosophy | Self-development.

On its pages there are theory, exercises, and place for their implementation. The tasks are aimed at the development of awareness, the ability to listen to themselves and show compassion and kindness.

The author of the book is an expert in the field of emotional health Anna Black. She developed a program for 52 weeks, with the help of which you can turn the careful attitude towards yourself and the world in the habit.

Book Kids – Best Children’s Books, Review Reviews.

Life Philosophy | Self-development.

Start a list of happiness and list of achievements.

Get lists to help accumulate and store good feelings and strengthen self-esteem. Record into your notebook that today made you happy and what you have achieved. Let it be even small victories – removed from the table, finished reading the book, went shopping.

Self-esteem – the value is non-permanent. It is time to regulate it from time to time. Tips for every day from the book “You are stronger than you think” will help self-esteem to stay at a decent level.

Book Kids – Best Children’s Books, Review Reviews.

Rudyard Kipling: We are one blood Publisher: Enas-book.

& quot; We are with you one blood, you and me & # 33; & quot; – This phrase of Reddiard Kipling has long become aphorism. Heroes of his fairy tales and stories were not only people, but also animals. And Kipling gives them human traits.

Show completely.

We read with the children and admire the brave little mangown Ricky-Tikki-Tavi, who, without regard, rushed to defend his human friends from a poisonous cobra. And the cunning cat-suite, who still took the place of the fire and got warm milk, and after all, remained independent and wild. These wise stories through the impregnated by the echoes of myths and legends. Now we know why in cats throw sneakers and why dogs are drunk on the tree & # 10240; The last story from the book about a young white cat, overcoming thousands of kilometers who won waves and winds and convinced all the family in her right thing & # 10240; Yes, there are no magic and miracles.

But there are real jungle, primitive caves and the North Sea. And even incredible courage, perseverance and independence. & # 10240; The entire original spirit is amazingly transmitted through illustration and gorgeous design.

Book Kids – Best Children’s Books, Review Reviews.

David Litchfield: Giant. Grandfather Secret Publisher: Workshop of children’s books

& quot; because people are afraid of one who is not like everyone else, like everyone & quot; Sad. And very vital. And you really need such bright, incredibly kind and touching stories.

About friendship and trust. On the amazing ability to understand who is not like everyone else. Book from the winner of the prestigious Book Prize Waterstones, David Litchfield.

This is his second book that has won sincere recognition.

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