Cinnamon sticks 50 g.

Cinnamon is found in many dishes around the world. Cinnamon sticks are added whole to casseroles, rice dishes, wine and punches, as well as syrups in which fruits are boiled. Thanks to elegant packaging, cinnamon sticks can become an excellent part of a gift set of spices and seasonings, an addition to cocoa or a set “For mulled wine”.

How to check the quality of cinnamon, we told on the site “Aidigo”

You can often hear talk about the dangers of cinnamon and cassia for the body, because coumarin, which is part of the spice, is considered by some to be a poison.

It is worth noting that coumarin is responsible for the anticoagulant (anti-clotting and anti-clotting) properties of cinnamon. Therefore, kradiologists advise using cinnamon for hypertension. But, like any medicine, coumarin in large quantities can be dangerous: blood stops clotting, vascular permeability increases, and internal bleeding begins.


In addition, cassia contains vitamin K, which enhances blood clotting and partially compensates for the effect of coumarin.

You can be calm, cassia and cinnamon do not have a negative effect on the body, so feel free to add spice to baked goods and drinks!

Article: 72239 Net weight: 50g Gross weight: 65g In the box: 12pach.

High-quality cinnamon is twisted sticks of red-brown uniform color with a delicate sweet aroma.

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