How to issue a passport in the Moscow region.

A foreign passport will be needed to prove the identity of a citizen when leaving the country, as well as when entering the territory of the state from a foreign trip. Citizens of the Russian Federation of any age can issue it – for children from 0 to 18 years old, parents or legal representatives issue passports. matte paper

In the Russian Federation, two types of passports can be issued – regular and biometric (with an electronic data carrier). Since December 15, 2015, citizens of the Russian Federation can have two passports, but one of them must be biometric.

Required documents.

The package of documents that you need to submit differs depending on the age of the applicant and what kind of passport will be issued.

Documents that will be needed for registration of a foreign passport for persons over 18 years old:

– passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;

– application form for the issuance of a passport;

– a foreign passport issued earlier (if any);

– birth certificate of the child (if you need to enter information about minor children under 14 years of age in the passport);

– photographs of the applicant 3.5×4.5 with a clear image of the face strictly in full face without a headdress on matte paper (wearing a headdress is acceptable for citizens who cannot walk without a headdress for religious beliefs, but the oval of the face must be open);

– receipt of payment of the state duty;

– documents confirming the basis for urgent registration of a foreign passport (a letter from a health authority confirming the need for an urgent trip for treatment outside the territory of the Russian Federation; a letter from a foreign medical organization about the need for emergency treatment (at the same time, a medical conclusion of a medical institution at the patient’s place of residence); telegraphic message received from outside the territory of the Russian Federation and certified in accordance with the legislation of the state of residence (stay), confirming the fact of a serious illness or death of a close relative or spouse);

– permission from the command (this will be required for servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as for federal executive bodies, which provide for conscript military service. Such permission is not required for those doing conscript military service);

– military ID or a certificate of the military commissariat at the place of registration (for men from 18 to 27 years old, living in the territory of the Russian Federation);

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