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The book presents the work of John Austin, devoted to the problems of analytical philosophy and language as a social phenomenon. The author, instead of language as a system of synchronous rules, focuses on the ways in which speech activity.

Austin’s concept is based on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanalytical philosophy that the main goal of philosophical research is to clarify the expressions of everyday language. Since much of the work on the analysis of everyday language was carried out in discussions rather than in print, Austin has relatively few published works. and processed his lectures, which were published posthumously “(from the preface to the Russian edition of” Word as Action “)

Year of publication: 1999. household goods

Humanities and social sciences Philosophy.

Year of publication: 1999.

Series: University Library.

The first Russian-language collection of works by the well-known British philosopher of the 20th century. John Austin gives a fairly complete picture of his views, in particular of the philosophy of everyday language that he developed, which had a strong influence on the development of modern linguistics and logic. The book will be read with interest by philosophers, linguists, psychologists, everyone who is interested in analytical philosophy.

Children’s cognitive and developmental literature Entertainment.

Year of publication: 2012.

Series: Everything about everything.

We have left the era of slingshots far behind. With the advent of modern household goods and office supplies – paper clips, clothespins, rubber bands, toothpicks, ballpoint pens, disposable tableware, and (of course!) Matches – hooligans of all ages and weight categories got everything they needed to build their own impressive, albeit slightly reduced, arsenal. Toy designer John Austin brings you detailed step-by-step instructions for each weapon, including a list of materials and projectiles, as well as understandable blueprints for all lovers of chaos and chaos.

Among the weapons you can find catapults, advanced versions of slingshots, …

Humanities and social sciences Philosophy.

Year of publication: 2010.

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