Kivi Smart TV 55U7: The main competitor Xiaomi Mi TV 4S.

Recently, I somehow got used that there are only Xiaomi televisions on the market of televisions from high-quality products. Under qualitative, I mean that smart functions are pleased to use, the TV is not tupit, and the picture quality does not force to be sad. The vulnerable point visited the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 television review was only a brightness margin.

220-stranded screen, despite the anti-reflective processing, it is better to look at the launched windows (models 2020 with an increased brightness of 300 NIT & # 8212; it is better, but still not a lot). Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 TV Review.

55 inches, 4K Resolution, HDR, six months of gift subscriptions to the best online cinemas. Price – 29 990 rubles.

Then another Chinese TV visited me, the brightness of the screen of which also did not cause delight, and I somehow decided that this was such a compromise on which all manufacturers go for the sake of a pleasant price.

However, the time is not standing on the spot, and here the TV came from Kivi. Positioning is similar to that Xiaomi: the most good TV for the lowest possible money.

As the main advantages of the Kivi TV, the manufacturer highlights the following:

Bright 4K IPS panel (highlighting Direct LED) with angle view of 178 degrees and 55 inches; Own customized graphics processor; Support HDR10 and 4K Upscaling; Local contrast control technology when the image is improved in the most complex areas; Uniform illumination without lights; Dedicated audio processor and two dynamics of 12 W with volumetric sound Dolby Digital; The remote with separate buttons Netflix, YouTube and OCO, supporting voice input; 3 USB, 4 HDMI. 20 w

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About Kivi company.

About the company Kivi the edge of the ear heard for quite a long time. A year ago, a review was offered a review of a young European brand with a representation in the Netherlands. Site checking showed that the company works for two main market – Russia and Ukraine.

And the online presentation hinted that the brand was founded by representatives of Ukraine and Russia. By the way, the presentation can be viewed, they tell quite well.

Sales KIVI grow, and now the site indicates that “Kivi is an international company, developer and manufacturer of smart TVs and TV services. Products under the same brand are implemented on European and Asian markets. “

In general, and you will not argue. Today, perhaps, any company engaged in electronics is international.

It is clear that each company dreams of a class marketing legend. And, maybe with such positioning it is better lived. However, after the TV test, I do not agree with Kivi in ​​this regard.

The TV was surprisingly cool, he bypasses the nearest “Chinese” competitors. I do not know how you, but I can not but rejoice that this is a product created by our managers and specialists. So why hide?


Screen: 55 inches, IPS, backlight DIRECT LED, 4K UHD (3840×2160 Points), Support HDR, 4K Upscaling, Uniform Illumination Sound: 2 x 12 W, Volby Dolby Digital OS: Google Android TV 9 Processor: Kivi A.C.E. Pro Engine, 4 kernels A55 1.4 GHz, graphics MALI 470 MP Memory: 1.5 GB / Drive 4.6 GB (It is possible to transfer the system to an external drive) Communication: Wi-Fi 5 GHz, Bluetooth, Ethernet (LAN) Remote: With Microphone and Voice Input ports: 3 USB Type-A, 4 HDMI, CAM module Other: no coaxial audio output, no SCART, no VGA Dimensions: 1238x269x776 mm, weight 12.8 kg Price: 31,990 rubles.

Complete set, appearance and console.

An exceptional case when I decided to take a picture of the packaging. Just because I have never seen such a big and bright box. Why only it is necessary?

In the store, you will not see the box.

The TV itself was carefully packed in a bag with handles to be more convenient to get. With big TVs, generally need to be careful. Last year told me a story, as brought a huge TV of one Japanese brand to review, and then the call that he, they say, from the box already with a cracked screen. Maybe so, but considering that TV was absolutely new, most likely,

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