Mercedes-Benz Tourismo: Test on the roads of Croatia.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo buses for 22 years work on long-distance routes throughout Europe. The geography of supply is more than 50 countries of the world, they can be found at the Cape North Cape and in Sichit. The correspondent of our site tested buses on the roads of Croatia.

Cavalcade of six cars provided for a pan-European test drive included buses of four length options, three variants of the base and two options for the axis configuration (wheel formula). In addition, twin-buses were with motors of various capacities, were distinguished by mechanical and automated transmissions, the location of doors, kitchens and bathrooms, glittered in the sun with different colors and pleasantly smelled with a new finish of various textures.

Under the variety of cars and an experimental route was laid: the mountain serpentines replaced the ancient European settlements, cozy, but terribly narrow and close, then on a winding road along the coast we went to the high-speed autobahn to return through the desperate “Techin language” of a mountain pass. The task of organizers & # 8212; Prove that, regardless of the length, motor power and the axes configuration, the buses will cope with any expensive! But who would doubt …

A variety of versions and complete sets, thanks to the modular platform – the widest! Here are just 2 examples of using Tourismo buses in Germany: the women’s national football team goes to competitions, and the Bundeswehr Military Orchestra is to concert tour. Football players please the exclusive set of bus, and the musicians highly appreciate the integrated tool holders.

Brief introductory information.

The production of Mercedes-Benz Tourismo began in 1994, then he was named 350, today there are more than 22,000 buses, two generations. The first refers to the period from 1994 to 2006, the second, respectively, is issued since 2006, but today’s cars are already seriously different from decades. The share of the first generation accounts for about 12,000 buses, that is, almost half.

And with the arrival of the second generation, there was its own “registered” name of the models instead of purely index signs: a more expensive bus O 404 (later & # 8212; TraveGo) was created, based on the highest requirements for technology and equipment, and the new O 350 Tourismo production of Turkey She took a niche of business class buses.

In 2008, annual production amounted to 1266 units. In 2012, the concern released the 5000th Tourismo. The characteristic appearance has already been recognizable with an expressive shooting counter hiding the running part with a complex multi-dimensional front suspension, disc brakes on all axes that were borrowed from the O 404 model.

Today, Tourismo and Travego are almost promotional, but the younger brother is more modest in design and configuration. In 2015, 10,000 Tourismo was released and sold 2042 bus.

In the foreground: Mercedes-Benz Tourismo M.

Engines, transmissions.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo is equipped with row six-cylinder OM 470 engine, with a capacity of 10.7 liters, with a capacity of 265 kW (360 liters.) To 315 kW (428 liters with.), Relevant to the requirements of the EURO toxicity standards 6. For the “younger “In the gamma and short Tourismo k, 10.3 m long, 436 engine is provided, a working volume of 7.7 liters and a capacity of 260 kW (354 liters p.). All motors with a battery injection system, a closed-type particulary and exhaust recycling system. The spent gases are cleaned by Bluetec 6 technology using the SCR system with AdBlue injection, as well as an oxidative catalytic converter and a diesel filter.

There are two main gears: six-speed “mechanics” GO 210-6 or automated GO 250-8 PowerShift. The automated box is designed to transmit torque up to 2500 nm. In a word, a well-proven, proven over the years and at the same time, a modern set of units, periodically occurring on other products of the Concern Daimler AG. catalytic converter


Split is a spa town on the coast, and there is a pretty major airport. This is the starting point of the route. Hurray, singing the first car is the smallest & # 8212; Tourismo K: There is time to peck before sit behind the wheel of the longest 13-meter bus.

I am wondering an already familiar on the tests of the SETRA buses semicircular panel with an integrated lever of a manual gearbox. In principle, these comparisons are valid, because the buses have common aggregate bases.

Daimler AG highlights SETRA buses, like more niche, elite, club, and Mercedes are universal – from work horses to business class. Croatia Roads are good, but they are difficult to call the perfect, frank yams and no chosel, but old asphalt

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