Mini Cooper Since 2005 – owner review. Frankly, the car came to me quite by accident. Before that, I had never been interested in this brand and certainly did not expect that one day I would have it. It all started with the search for a new, personal little car. A friend drove MINI himself and offered to look at an unusual car (for our city). I fell in love with the car at first sight. The owner had no choice but to put up with the sale of the car he had just bought))) So the acquaintance with the Mini Cooper S began. Appearance is really deceiving) seemingly cute, small, feminine, turned out to be a real sports car for lovers of speed, style and personality. Mini Cooper S (r53) 2005, 1.6v, 185 l / s Heated windows, mirrors, climate control, headlight washers, on-board computer (consumption, temperature), xenon with automatic headlight range control, shift paddles on the steering wheel, standard acoustics BMW business, ABS sensor, DSC, ESP exchange rate stability system. What has been done: Oil change, filter, spark plug. Complete computer diagnostics, during which the left ABS sensor of the front wheel was replaced. There is one big drawback, the complete lack of spare parts in our region. We order everything from existential, the wait usually takes 20 days ((all spare parts cost, let’s say, “not cheap.” But this car is worth it !! A cuddled kid, surrounded by care and attention, gives in return a bunch of positive emotions from driving, speed and originality … Thank you all, good mood and lack of traffic jams !!)))))6 best books for lawyers who need to be read in 2021.

Lawyers constantly need to increase their competence and at the same time prepare for changes in the right. It is important to continue reading books that will serve these goals. We have prepared for you a selection of six best books for lawyers who need to be read in 2021 and which will help you be aware of all changes in the right.

1. Lawyers of the Future (Richard Sasskind)

As follows from the name, the book about the future of the legal profession and the right in general. Bestseller Richard Sasskinda will be interesting primarily advanced lawyers who are looking for new approaches in the profession and master new technologies.

From the book you will learn about the new legal landscape, in which lawyers will work in a few years, how to develop a career in conditions of uncertainty. The author will also tell about the driving forces and changes that will occur in the future.

2. How to stop being a slave of your law firm, develop your practice and be truly happy (Eric Farber)

The book was published in February 2020 and first of all intended for those lawyers who want to go to free swimming and open their business. Transformation from a lawyer in an entrepreneur may be difficult. This book will help her relieve.

Tell me “no” eternal conflicts with accounting, marketing and personnel department, which lead to burnout and depression. Try to open an entrepreneur!

3. FINTEKH: law and regulation (Elena Madir)

The book will introduce you to the legal aspects of technological progress. You will learn about changes in the banking sector, financial management, development in the field of alternative financing platforms, cryptocurrency, blockchain. This is a guide to solve legal and regulatory issues, designed to help staff lawyers and law firms. altec

4. Tocken Economics: Like Blockchain and Smart Contracts Change Economics (Shermino Voshmgir)

This is an ideal book for familiarizing the blockchain, smart contracts and with how these technologies complement each other. The book is designed for a wide audience – from practitioners to academics. It covers all aspects of blockchas and tokens, gives a description of the mechanisms and state of the blockchain, as well as the socio-economic consequences of these innovations.

Need judicial investment? C Application on Platforma.

5. How to start and build your own legal practice.

A series of books in which it tells how to start and properly build your own legal practice. This excellent book with practitioners of a practitioner lawyer. Classic bestseller offering a comprehensive planning guide, launch and development of successful practice.

From the definition of a better place for your office and marketing to calculate the lawyers of your future firm.

6. What is Legaltech? (Roy Thomas)

Have you ever asked yourself this question? This is normal, we all asked him at some point. Roy Thomas wrote a book not only to explain what Legaltech is, but also to teach us to use flexible approaches to adapt to existing technologies.

The book is well described technology (Legaltech, Regtech, Fintech and others) and how they affect the practice and business.

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