Mitsubishi Carisma with mileage: Celebration of automatic transmission and complexity of direct injection.

No wonder this Japanese car is such a “charismatic” name. Try to call at least one car that would combine the efforts of the three-country specialists: developers from Sweden and Japan and collectors from Holland. But did this friendship go to the peoples for the benefit of carism?

In the first part of our review, we already found out that she rusts it just like all the Netherlands, some parts are standing like all the Swedish, but reliability of some nodes – like just Japanese. Today it’s time to look at what the Japanese attached most of all: on motors and gearboxes. True, here the French and their original approach to the technique will suddenly appear on the scene.


M Itsubishi Carisma – a simple car. Only front-wheel drive, no ultra-modern gearbox. The choice is only between mechanics and machine gun. And the automatic boxes in the population are a bit, and it is bad: MCPP on Carisma problem, and automatic transmission – from very reliable series.

True, unsuccessful mechanical boxes are not on all cars, but on most cars they still do not please. ipods

In the photo: Mitsubishi Carisma Sedan ‘1999-2004.

The reason lies in the interesting design of the JB3 box. In principle, it is familiar with all owners of Logan, but modern versions are significantly stronger and do not get the problems on trifles. The fact is that for the sake of receiving an equal length of the semi-axes, the left side of this box comes right inside the box, to the differential. There inside, in the oil bath of the box itself, the tripod is installed.

On the shaft itself there is a bearing, to which the beeper is attached to the box. So far, everything is new, nothing terrible happens, but over time, the boot begins to flow. And due to the unreliable fixation of the tripode inside it often pulls out. There is a lot of reasons for that: strikes, “tired” front suspension, violation of the geometry of the body or wear of the strika of the tripode. At the same time, oil is immediately poured out of the box.

And if the car is still moving with its own way, or it is long and quickly towed, then there will be nothing to repair. And if the Sls flew out once, then it will take it regularly. But this is only half or even a third of the trouble.

It is much more common to fall apart with the needle bearings of the tripod, which are three. When a needland breakdowns from a particularly solid alloy fall in the inside of the manual transmission and safely destroy absolutely everything. When replacing the drive, you need to be careful: the needles can fall out at this moment.

If it seems to you that these problems are not enough, then here’s: at large runs in half a secondary shaft breaks down. Solve problems in different ways. Someone is trying to fix the three-fold tripod on the differential (usually unsuccessfully), someone tries to put new shafts and moves through the tripods.

Unfortunately, in the spare parts from Mitsubishi there is only a drive assembly, and laying out twenty thousand rubles per item for a machine price in a hundred – an extremely strange act.

And what about Renault, do you say? After all, there are the same boxes – maybe, and parts will fit? Officially – no, it is impossible to choose anything according to codes. You need a star of a tripod on 29 teeth and 23 mm, for example, will be suitable VEMA 764 or COM CC027.

The price is less than a thousand rubles, and the chances of breakdowns with a new detail are reduced at times. And the ridic glass itself, which is also often worn out, which is why strong vibrations occur, also selected with Renault. Unfortunately, most of the owners of cars about such a “collectozing” and does not think, and the services are simply bred by their hands – they say, the French made junk, and they are not guilty.

Although replacing literally two details, you can get rid of problems for many years, and not to wait for surprises every day.

Another IPAM problem present on all machines with motors up to 1.6 liters is the breakdown of the gearbox drive. He is made here, and over time, the switching disappear disappears. Yes, so that the killed gearbox on the VAZ-21102 will seem practically reference.

Well, and again: small parts are not available on sale, so the lever rinse and switching mechanism usually change assembly on used, and new parts are inadequately expensive.

With the volume of 1.8 liters with the volume of 1.8 liters stands a completely different box, well known to others.

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