Mitsubishi Delica D5 owner reviews: all the cons, disadvantages, pros.

-On the autobahn, cruise is useless, as it holds only 110km.h. Even the lorries go faster. at the same time, the foot swells on the accelerator. as a car for distant family travels, this nuance with cruise becomes a very significant problem. -The engine capacity is sufficient for exactly 110kph, above this speed the fuel consumption increases by 30% at least. -with the aircon on, the engine instantly turns into a vegetable. -The system of autocorrection of headlights rather unreliable and very expensive in repair, still at not working this system the onboard computer is constantly occupied by the message on a malfunction, it is very irritating. -The average fuel consumption is updated every day, I wish I could decide for myself when. -The fuel consumption is updated every day, and I’d like to decide when to do it myself. -No LEDs. No Russian or ENG languages on the head unit. -Huge and expensive windscreen, fenders are plastic. -older delicocrossers call it a DEFINITELY)))) aircon

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