Mitsubishi Diamond 2000 – Review of the owner.

Hello everyone! From the first lines I want all reading to warn, this review is writing for people who think about buying this car, and not for discussion by me written, giving me advice and not in order for different majorics to have to go to see, type Mark Il-to taxis, or BMW 740 is better, well, or something like that … Therefore, friends, do not climb this page with any nonsense. And so, in order: on the question of why Diamond, I can say one thing, at that moment the price was arranged (264t) and the fact that the machine b / n, at that time on the market for this money of this class and b / n It was only a designer (Mark, Chayzer, Cross) and then 96-97, such an option was not suitable, because 2 months ago was sold Mark 97g. 2.5l, grade “G” + many different factory nishtyakov (from the onboard computer to the electric drives of all racks).

After the first inspection, we did not take the risk, because I heard a lot of interesting about the diamond. I went for advice to a familiar mechanic, which for more than 10 years he manages an old diamond. His first question was, GDI. Well, of course, hearing yes, his conclusion “no, not only GDI.” Ultimately, after 4 days I take my wife, comrade, jump into the car, and on the road, for the demo. The advice of the authoritative mechanic did not stop me.

In general, I got the courage and bought Mitzubishi diamond. For me, I personally do not have a favorite company or car brand, I can say omnivorous, I have already had 12 different directors to diamond, for me it was not to send with a brand (which I had 2pcs.) On the diamond. The first 650km paths were like in a fairy tale, warm, light, comfortable, and most importantly surprised the hodovka and the behavior of the car on a slippery road (January -28, in some places -33). A week later, there was a mileage of 4860 km, the M53 route, but before that I went all the same mechanics to replace the oil, timing and a thorough inspection of the car before the clock. The conclusion of the mechanic was pleased with me, the shoals were found not, except, a slightly stuffed hose of the gur and the lid of the trunk, her hike was treated, although the wings of the bumper were whole …

I was still given by the advice that I used constantly, this is a gasoline at least 95 + Castrol additive for GDI, D-4 + antifreeze engines for the fuel system. On the road, the car was about 40% stuck with the plaster and painting scotch. These almost 5t km I drove for 4 days, the car worked around the clock, slept in it. For Kemerovo, he began to press frost, all day was for 30, for Novosibirsk in one of the cafe showed -38, it was really terribly riding, only from the thought that all of the car will get up and then everything, Khan, frozen.

But my demman passed on the “Hurray” of these tests, I drove all the way in one sports suit, in the cabin was warm enough … now I will tell about exploitation in the middle lane: upon arrival I decided to put the signaling and it turned out that it was not that just in the city Find a person who will contact the right-handed machine (do not know how to deal with the panel and too much electronics). With grief, I found such a brave working in a / salon, I bought a signal with a function of raising the glasses after arming, because In all the doors there were closers of glasses and it was all easily controlled from the radio, but, this craftsman could not program this function, and the signaling was then he put through the ass. What to say if he was not even able to put an adapter on the radio, which I made a brother after it for 15min …

On this, the delights of the ruleok car in the middle lane did not end, they decided to establish a chamber of the s / turn and DVD, because Native did not read our formats. Do not believe, all serious centers for installing audio dvd systems have trapped, but nowhere wanted to contact so the number of “brains” in the trunk. Ultimately, I scored on this idea, I did not climb himself. Winter 2008 This is the only winter in which the car was operated, and even then there was no 1 month and therefore there were no shortcomings in winter, but there were still positive emotions from the behavior of the car on ice, the car was very confidently on Velcro on ice without help of any electronic systems, because there is none of them.

After that, the car was operated only in the summer, because There was no need for winter operation. After the distillation, it turned out that the rear racks died, I think they could not stand our frosts + the car was loaded with the drill. In principle, this did not upset, because Before the spring, the car was not going to exploit. By the way, the hodovka on the diamond is very wisdom, so its overhaul gets into soooo good penny, on the front of one balloon only 6 pcs.

By the spring, all 4 racks were bought, of course, keyab, before 2900 per pcs, rear 3200 per pc. Demon has the rear racks are the same, which is for 4 WD, which is for the front-wheel drive. More at that time it was not necessary to change anything.

In the summer, having arrived on vacation, replaced the air filter, changed the oil in ICA, partially replaced the oil in the ACP, replacedReview of car massagers: comfort on long trips.

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