NEODRIVE BLUETOOTH USB DONGLE AND PCMCIA / CF Combo – If you do not have a “blue tooth”

If the first adapter was intended for Personnel and laptops, this is used in the PDA and … Again, laptops. That’s just the installation site of this adapter is not a USB port, and either the Compact Flash connector on the PDA, or the PCMCIA expansion slot on the laptop.


Bluetooth Standard 1.1 Built-in Antenna Connection Interface: CF Card Type I, PCMCIA Adapter Type II Power: 3.3 V (via PCMCIA port) Light indication: POWER, Data transmission Frequency: 2400 – 2483.5 GHz Data transfer speed: 723 kbps C (ACL); 64 Kbps (SCO) Transmission distance: up to 20 m.


The box in which everything is packaged has a much more modest form and design, rather than a stylish packaging of the previously considered adapter. However, it did not lose a complete description of the characteristics and features of the device.

In the box were found: two parts of the device itself (PCMCIA adapter and CF Bluetooth card), a disk with software and a completely similar to the previous brief installation instructions in English. In short, standard equipment.


So, adapters complete two. And what is the most interesting, both inherently independent and can well be used separately for different purposes. This is a very nice bonus.

The CF card is similar to a somewhat enhanced one for one dimensions of the usual CF flash drive with a pretty sticker, personifying our poor planet, enveloped by networks along and across. 🙂

On an enlarged part of the card, there is a blue LED – the indicator of the activity of “dust-handed” connections.

The second adapter is an ordinary PCMCIA Card reader for Compact Flash.

It is used, of course, maybe not only with a Bluetooth adapter. For example, if you have a laptop without a Bluetooth and a digital camera on the CF card, then buying this set, you kill two shots at once in any other borrowed hares. Conveniently?

And how!

When installing in the PCMCIA laptop, the adapter goes into the whole, and the CF Bluetooth card will hang out on the centimeter, as well as when installing in the PDA.

Work with a device.

As in the case of the previous device, the operability of the second adapter was determined on two devices – on a laptop and the PDA. That’s just now some differences in the operation of two devices are available. This is due, of course, with different operatingers.

On the attached disk there is a software for both Windows CE (for PDAs) and for ever leafing XP (when installing a card in a laptop).

Both on the PDA and on the laptop, the software with the drivers rose without problems, and the software for Windows XP was the same as the above in the supervision of the USB Bluetooth Gadget. So we will not describe his work – see above.

For the CCP, the software of the software is completely similar and has all the same stages of the setup, so it also does not need a special description.

The radius of the second gadget was slightly smaller, however, and such a distance you are enough for surfing on the Internet from the next cafe. Unless to expand full-scale “spyware” for numerous devices of Hi-Tech-neighbor, you may not succeed – CF Bluetooth does not achieve a neighboring apartment.

The range of use of this device, despite the strong difference in the method of use, the same as the USB Bluetooth adapter from NEODRIVE.


This white box on the counters of Moscow computer stores is given for the amount of about $ 60. Not so little, but for this money you acquire two adapters at once.

It would be good to more accurately deal with the target audience of this device. Not too favorable this proposal may seem to those who have only PDAs available, but there is no laptop. Why do they pay extra money for the PCMCIA adapter.

So I would like to see and the model only with the CF card.

If, for example, you have a PDA, and a laptop without a “blue tooth”, then this set will also somehow “not very” – one card Bluetooth does not connect two adapters. blue tooth

In any case, both Bluetooth adapter from NEODRIVE showed themselves workable at large distances and easy to use, and it is expensive.

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