Nissan Example 1997 – Review of the owner.

Eheh, well, I’ll probably start .. Good afternoon (evening) to all motorists! I have long wanted to write your feedback in Drom, yes, just all the time there is not enough .. or desire. Well, oh well, this is my first review so strictly do not judge 🙂 I am 24 years old, I live for cordon for permanent residence, but in spite of this every year I fly to Russia for the Far East every year, to spend mom with sisters and at the same time to communicate with my homeland. . In the possession there were already 2 own cars, the third already ordered for the new year I will pick up .. In general, here (in Germany) cars at least a pond, and different car representatives, including Japanese .. at first, as soon as they arrived here ( 7 years ago), otheval from the local BMW and Audi .. But over time, as he began to earn money, the opportunity and the desire to acquire his apparatus appeared, before that he traveled to the father’s Audi A4. After many searches and inspections came to the conclusion that the heart is still lying to Japanese. And since the childhood I remember, the cars in Ussuriysk and the districts are such seemed to be, and beautiful.

And so my choice stopped at Nissan Primera P11, 1997, on a stick, 1600 cubic meters. See and 99 horses. As I saw her in the middle, so I’m solely than a beautiful infection .. True, I chose something in front, but it was not embarrassed .. from the “minced me” in front of Al.

Windowroads, remote, central locking, hydraulic, abs, condo and so on trifles .. on the motor was 189,000, noucho, he really worked confidently and “enhanced” a mark forward .. Of the advantages were still toned (for the same Baluse) , and in front of the front and behind .. went. Changed the oil, bought winter tires, and let’s “issue oats” .. came with the former girlfriend to Austria (900 km from my city), no problem. Snow chains clinging there to climb the mountain .. so on the descent then then the brakes and wheels are so heated that already “the heat was burning” .. I took these chains to hell, and without them I used to steer .. for the year of use I had to change: brake pads (when buying did not glanced that the erased were) both swivel fists, the bearings inclusive with a sharp touch on the asphalt burst the left drive shaft (in the mouth of the compote damn, and at first did not jumped what, then the police officers, the local Pillars and helped call the tow truck, the shaft changed himself with his father, in winter and snow)

Well, in general, everything, from the advantages I can note:

Small gasoline consumption, in the city about 8-9 and on the highway 7.5. But if the autobahn can give to 200 to 200, then 11. It is very well holding the road, though not such a heavy noise insulation thing is easy to find spare parts, mostly a cheap option that keeps the quality is not worse than relatives spacious and spacious.

Of the minuses, only the fact that the chassis is not entirely reliable, when buying, you need to check the fists swivel, shruches and everything else .. tow truck

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