Nissan Primera reviews of the owners: all the disadvantages, disadvantages, advantages.

I took 62,000 with mileage, now 114,000. During this period, he replaced: – The window regulator mechanism in the driver’s door (glass fell at a temperature overboard -18); – front levers, silent block, stabilizer struts; – clutch assembly; – at a temperature of -28, I could not start, after which I tormented over it for 2 days; – consumables (filters, oils, brake fluid, spark plugs, pads, brake discs).

Today the engine mounts and front brake discs need to be replaced.

-Rigid suspension, you feel all the bumps and irregularities, but this is probably not a minus, because from this follows excellent handling -Sluggish acceleration, before that there was a fit of 1.5, the starting dynamics cannot be compared. If on example from the start to give gas, starts to eat benz like a crocodile. Starts to accelerate quickly after 60. -Large turning radius, often have to take the back and turn around in 2 stages -Small trunk compartment, wide things in the trunk will not climb, although if there was a wider entrance, it would easily fit in the trunk itself.

Allycard (not registred)

The car is from England, as evidenced by the documents. Very spacious for passengers both in the back and in the front. D class. diy

The speed is not felt up to 185 km / h, then it starts to shake a little, as well as the driver’s point.

Rides like a pop train, softly. A friend’s little child called my car a “boat”, once I gave them a lift, his child mumbled his dad: “I want to ride a boat.” Although some say that the suspension is stiff – well, for me personally, it is soft.

The car is really stuffed for its age. What to say? Japan!

In my case, it has a “British-German accent”.

Orig. suspension and coupling, coupled with a timing chain – that’s something! The resource is enormous. And in contrast, I can say the opposite about non-original suspension parts (alas, now this is the case for all existing cars in the world).

Suspension arm resource original: 65,000 – 150,000 km, arm resource neoriginal. – from 1000 to 25000 km. I only had origi for the above reason.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail in this car, the lights are everywhere, even on the ladies’ mirror in the right sun visor and ashtray.

Self-diagnosis, computer, mileage is not twisted (like)!

Usually indicate the front pillars. But most likely, negligent car service centers cash in on customers, saying every time that they need to change the racks. Usually after that you go to another car service, they say – ezdiy, don’t bother, everything is good.

The headlights are so-so. Well, they shine normally, but not from the category of super. Xenons are provided only in the clone Examples for the American market, I mean Nissan Infiniti G20 (where 20 is a 2.0 liter engine).

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