Nissan Sentra 2016 is large, stylish and affordable.

Overview Nissan Sentra 2016: Exterior Model, Interior, Specifications, Security systems, Prices and equipment. At the end of the article & # 8212; Test Drive Nissan Centra 2016! Overview Nissan Sentra 2016: Exterior Model, Interior, Specifications, Security systems, Prices and equipment.

At the end of the article & # 8212; Test Drive Nissan Centra 2016!

In mid-2014, the Japanese autocontracean Nissan within the framework of the Moscow automotive exhibition presented its new developing – an inexpensive C-class sedan, which received the name Sentra. But it is worth noting that the new car is exclusively for the Russian market, on the World Arena, the model has been presented since 1982.

During this time, the car managed to change the 6 generations and became well known in China, USA, Mexico and Japan, where the car is better known under the name “Sylphy”. In 2002, the Nissan manual even released a special sport-modification of the model & # 8212; SE-R SPEC V, which was completed with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, ventilated brakes, R17 wheels and increased friction differential.

The car has become a revelation of an automaker and try to regain lost positions in the C-class and, it is worth noting, Nissan Sentra has a number of strong trumps in sleeve, which suggest that the car will have to taste to domestic buyers who have never been against getting a lot of car for small money.

Exterior of the new Nissan Sentra 2016.

At first glance, the new Nissan Sentra is involuntarily caught by the thought that the car is similar to the previous generation of the TEANA model, especially if you look at his front part. But there is nothing wrong with that.

The frontal part of the car is highlighted in the original, but at the same time with strict head optics, a massive front bumper with several slots of air intakes and built-in fontaminations, as well as a large falseradiator grid, made in the form of an inverted trapezium.

The side of the sedan received massive wheeled arches, large alloy discs and stylish climbing the body, passing along the side doors and ending at the base of the rear dimming lights. Monumental feed is made in the style of more expensive and status sedans, which adds points to the updated Nissan Sentra 2016 model year.

The manufacturer equipped the car by the following dimensions: entertainment unit

The Russian modification of the sedan in comparison with its foreign analogue, received a higher clearance, which makes up 155 mm, which allowed the car to more confidently feel at the broken Russian roads and primer. In addition, the manufacturer additionally strengthened the bottom and suspension of the car, which, together with a 3-year warranty, looks extremely attractive offer.

In general, the novelty is distinguished by a stylish, modern and dynamic appearance, which even if it does not claim to be the title of beauty, but it is not inferior to its direct competitors in the face of Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus (Sedan).

The interior of the new Nissan Sentra 2016.

The first thing that rushes into the eyes when you get in the salon of the new Sentra – a large amount of free space, thanks to which the car d ease interfers 5 adult passengers. The front console is even done without much of the sores, but it looks stylish and attractive.

Before the driver, a well-readable dashboard is located, as well as a modern multifunctional steering wheel with a triangular base, which adds a sophistication and style interior. The central part of the front panel is represented by a multimedia entertainment unit, as well as a microclimate control unit.

The manufacturer proudly declares that when creating an exterior, they used quite high-quality materials that albeit not reach the status of premium, but leave a positive tactile and visual impression.

A driver’s seat is characterized by good ergonomics – all buttons, switches and switches are where they should be. The front seats are distinguished by a large number of adjustments and a good level of comfort, but they are deprived of pronounced side support.

The rear seats are distinguished by the presence of a large amount of free space both in length and width and height. The volume of the trunk in the standard state is 511 liters, while it can be significantly increased, lowering the back of the reverse seats, which makes it easily transporting even a long load. Special thanks to the manufacturer for a full-fledged reserve, which is located in the underground of the luggage compartment.

The interior of the new Nissan Sentra may not have any kind, but it is capable of offering a record number of free space in the classroom, and this applies not only to the passengers of the first, but also the second row of seats, where you can easily sit, throwing my leg.

Technical characteristics

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