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Hello to everyone behind the wheel. 2001 Omega 2.2, automatic transmission, climate, cruise, full package, wheels 16. I already had two years, before that I also had Omega but 96go with 2.5 engine (6 pots) with the same configuration. I took the second one deliberately.

I was very pleased with the first one. But I already wrote about the first … a few words about the second. Took her at the age of 4 without a run in our country.

For 2 years I have walked more than 45,000 km without major incidents. I’m still happy with the car. A little annoying is the occasional malfunction of the electronics. When checking, it shows a malfunction of the lambda probe in front of the catalytic converter.

It costs about 200 USD. therefore did not change for a whole year. I thought it would pass by itself … -It didn’t go away … Now I will change it, but I don’t know if it will help or not.

We have problems with the service. I live on the periphery, so you can’t find a qualified electronics engineer in the daytime with fire. However, I think that with other brands of cars on the periphery the same problems, tk. gasoline is just disgusting quality. Lew is constantly 92nd, the consumption is a little higher, but the candles with it are cared for by approximately 20,000. From 95m 15000.

However, a set of original candles costs about 800 rubles. I frankly dislike the internal state of the plastic parts on the doors. They are painted with black paint and it simply peels off over time. Gray plastic enters and a state of untidiness and wear appears. On the Omega in ’96, I did not notice this.

Further, compared to the 2.5 (170 hp) engine, the 2.2 (144 hp) engine is frankly weak. Not to say that he does not go, but he piercin

imprisoned for Euro 4 and, for the sake of ecology, electronics strangle him as best they can. There is of course a sports mode of the box, but for some reason I don’t like to use it. Probably shore a box. And the last minus, which came to light only on the 2000 Omega, with the 2.2 engine. This is the absence of the traction control system.

On all others with other motors, it stands nominally, and I had it on the first one, but here for some reason the Nazis decided not to put it. It seems that there is some sort of rear differential worth special. I personally did not notice anything special. But the lack of traction control is especially noticeable in winter.

That’s all the cons. Further, only pluses. Due to the fact that the 2.2 th engine is light, and the suspension is even designed for 3 liters, the front end of the car is higher than that of 2.5 and all speed bumps can be safely driven without fear of piercing the crankcase or engine.

Also, the consumption is 1 – 1.5 liters less by a hundred. In those maintenance, this motor is much cheaper. For example, you can change candles yourself at the same speed as on our parks. But on the 2.5 engine you may not be able to handle it yourself.

Also, suspension parts live on average one and a half times more than 2.5 (less weight). By the way, I must say a little about the suspension. She’s just gorgeous.

Moderately knocked down, not wadded like on the Americans, but not furious like on the Mazda 6. Very tenacious, spare parts are easy to buy, there is a large selection of non-original and costs 1.5 times cheaper than on German classmates. By expenses: in the city – 12-13 liters, depending on the hotness of the day from

Automatic transmission. On the highway: 110 km – 8-9 liters. 130 km – 10 liters.

In my opinion – a good big car perfectly suitable for both long-distance country trips and around the city. Taking into account the price, there is simply no better offer on the market for used non-right-handed cars. One hundred percent German without any Korean imitations. If you are not worried about what kind of emblem flaunts on the radiator grill, then take it – you will not go wrong.

This is not the same Omega A that creaked earlier on irregularities due to the weak body. In general, this is a car for a person who wants a large, comfortable and relatively inexpensive car for all occasions. Note: When buying an Omega V-shaped engine (2.5 or 3 liters), carefully check the condition of the motor, because repairing these engines is not cheap. If he is not killed, feel free to take it – a very reliable unit. Good luck to everyone on the roads, fewer cops in the bushes and gazelists on the road.

Let’s be mutually polite to each other.

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