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Nissan Titan 2017. This is an improved, more modern model of the well-known Pickup. Compared to competitors, for a relatively short period of time on the market, the Nissan Titan successfully competes on an equal footing with the largest pickup trucks.

Past Nissan Titan models were more youthful, sporty, but did not offer the standard features of the classic pickup trucks of the day.

Nissan engineers did not reinvent the wheel, retained the classic structure of the chassis (coil-front independent spring, leaf springs are not split axle at the rear), as we can see nothing new, but they tried to survive from the structure of this road stability and good aromatization in order to achieve maximum performance and possible comfort.

But a great deal of work has been done with the steering part, it is obvious that the engineers paid great attention to the sensitivity of the wheels, the steering impulse is moderate at high and low speeds. That is, it gives a sharp turn at slower speeds and smoothness at high speeds, such steering sensitivity cannot be found among analogs.

This car has a very long hood. One of the main drawbacks is that it is very difficult to keep it clean, due to the glossy color, on which even a small speck of dust is perfectly visible, and also due to the fact that just giant wheels raise huge columns of dust.

In addition to the steering system, the braking system was well developed. The brakes installed on the Nissan Titan are among the most reliable and of the highest quality, they give the driver a sense of confidence, the grip is as fast as possible and in sync with all four discs. Everything is perfectly designed and matched for a car of this size and weight. pickup trucks

Other handy features include seven handrails, a 110-volt socket, remote engine start, 12 audio speakers, a 7.0-inch touchscreen that turns on the radio and controls navigation, multiple remote services such as emergency calls, a stolen vehicle locator, and an automatic collision notification.

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