Review: Front speakers YAMAHA NS-50F, (2 speakers included), black.

Review: YAMAHA NS-50F Front Speakers, (2 Speakers Included), Black.

Choosing inexpensive front speakers for your home theater.

Having stumbled upon the New Year’s sale on the Yamaha rx-v375 receiver and bought it for 8 thousand rubles, the question arose about buying acoustics for this unit.

The idea was to build a home theater system. There were already a lot of devices to play movies at home: Iconbit player, Apple TV, HTPC was assembled.

After reading the forums and reviews about various speaker systems, the choice fell on this acoustics. Bribed of course and the price.

I made an order and a few days later came to pick up a huge box.

A store employee helped to bring the box to the car on a trolley, and then I had to place it alone in the car and drag it to the 4th floor.

After removing and installing the legs that come with the kit, the speakers look like this:

Removing the front mesh.

And in front there is one high-frequency speaker and two low-frequency ones, a phase-inverter is closed by a grid just below.

For me this is a good design, so the speakers can be placed as close to the wall as possible..

Having looked carefully at the speakers, I was pleased with how everything was assembled and glued.

On the back side there are connectors for connection.

and a plate with information about the birthplace of manufacture and model, power and serial number.

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Acoustic clamps are made on a budget, allow you to connect a wire with a 4mm banana connector and a wire with a cross section of up to 6mm.

Initially, I connected this speaker with a wire that came with the kit. A little later I decided to connect with an acoustic cable and use connectors.

But cheap connectors did not hold well in the connectors of the speakers and the receiver, and what upset when the receiver was moved, the wire simply popped out of them.

I decided to purchase high-quality connectors and assemble a reliable speaker cable.

Now the cable sits securely in the slots and, which is important, tight.

You can also connect this way if the speakers are close to the wall.

Now about the sounds emitted by this speaker system.

The goal was to view high quality films using a home theater system. After watching the first film, there was a huge disappointment, since the dialogues were practically not heard.

When listening to music, the S90 was a long way off. But the goal was for home theater. Therefore, a little later, the central speaker and rears were bought.

After connecting, dialogues, various sounds, a passing car from right to left are immediately clearly heard. The effect of presence began to appear.

After six months of operation, I did not regret that I purchased this acoustics. Power is enough for me to watch movies with special effects. At the moment, I have assembled system 5.2. For listening to music, the power is also enough for 17 meters. To add a little high frequencies.

In the receiver settings, the high ones are unscrewed all the way.

A good sense of presence is achieved when playing with your son on the PS3. Explosions and shooting are freaky, it’s a pity that we didn’t have that, and maybe it’s good 🙂

I recommend this acoustics for watching movies and a little for music. Thanks for attention.

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