Review of 43-inch 4K-TV Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV TU8000 Series 8 (UE43TU8000UXRU)

The design is strict, there are no decorative elements. The screen is visually frameless, it looks like a monolithic surface bounded at the bottom by a narrow bar, and at the top and sides

At the bottom, in the center of the frame, there is a small overlay made of tinted plastic. The manufacturer’s logo is depicted on the frontal surface of this cover in silver paint.

Behind the logo are the IR receiver of the remote control, IR emitters for controlling the equipment connected to the TV and an ambient light sensor. There is a single control button at the bottom of the lining. With the help of a short menu, she can very limitedly control the TV when the remote control is not available.

There is also a status indicator. The indicator is dim, in standby mode it glows red, it is practically invisible from the front.

The stand is made in the form of two Y-shaped legs that are inserted into the slots at the bottom end. Legs rest on rubber pads. The distance between the legs is 85 cm.

The TV is standing steadily, the rigidity of the stand is sufficient. The TV set, installed on a horizontal surface on a standard stand, stands vertically without visible inclination. power cable

A cable tie can be snapped onto the back of each foot so that the cables run back down the feet so that the front and rear view of the TV is not impaired.

Some of the interface connectors are located in a niche at the back and are directed to the side. It is relatively convenient to connect cables to them. Next to them, in a shallow niche, there is a slot for a CI card adapter, covered with a sticker with instructions for installing this adapter, and a few more interface slots facing back.

It will be very inconvenient to connect to this jack when installing the TV on a wall. Why is this done

Air for cooling the electronics flows through the grilles at the bottom of the case, at the back and at the top of the rear panel.

The TV is completely passively cooled. Built-in loudspeakers with extended diffusers are located behind the grilles at the bottom end. Next to them is the phase inverter hole.

The TV and everything to it is packed in a colorfully designed and durable corrugated cardboard box. Its dimensions do not greatly exceed the width, length and thickness of the screen body. Side slit handles are made for carrying in the box.


The supplied black power cable (length 1.5 m) is equipped with a compact L-shaped plug and connector.

Note the presence in the delivery set of an insulating corner insert for the antenna cable. It will protect the electronics of the TV from high voltage, which happens in the antenna cable due to poorly neutralized connected devices. A side effect of using this insert is some signal attenuation.

The table with characteristics at the beginning of the article gives an idea of ​​the communication capabilities of the TV. All connectors are standard, full-sized and free-spaced. At least basic support for HDMI control works: the TV itself switches (and turns on if it was turned off) to the HDMI input when you turn on the player and start the disc for playback.

Also, the player turns off when you turn off the TV.

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