Reviews of car owners Opel Calibra. Opel Caliber is one of the most successful models of the Opel brand. Basically, the reviews of car owners about the Opel Calibra make it clear that this car has many advantages, although it is not without its drawbacks. But, in spite of everything, the car is the owner of an attractive exterior design, a powerful engine and a comfortable spacious interior. First of all, this model can be proud of the ideal price-quality ratio, excellent handling and decent ergonomics. Also, the main advantages of the car are a reliable braking system, good acceleration dynamics, good maneuverability, full power accessories, a very spacious luggage compartment and fairly inexpensive spare parts. In addition, most opinions about this practical car, like the reviews about the Opel Combo, say that all the switches and necessary instruments in the cabin of these models are very conveniently located. But there are also negative reviews about Opel Calibra cars. Among childhood diseases, it is important to note squeaks in the cabin, the fragility of the suspension, in particular the all-wheel drive system, as well as malfunctions of the steering rack and power steering pump. In addition, car owners often complain about breakdowns of support bearings, thermal sensors, shock absorbers, silent blocks, brake pads and exhaust manifold. Other disadvantages include low corrosion resistance of the body, high fuel consumption and poor sound insulation.Automotive massager: species, reviews. Massager on the car seat.

It is very difficult to contemporary drivers in the dynamic weekdays of cities and in interregional highways. Long distances, traffic jams, a long static pose – all these factors lead to various health problems. One of those – diseases of the back.

They can manifest itself in the form of muscle spasms, pinched nerve roots, painful sensations in certain areas of the spinal column.

And not always at the driver there is an opportunity (or desire) to charge for the back, occasionally leaving the steering wheel. A real solution of the problem in this case is a car massager.


The saving device capable of helping the person controlling the vehicle is directly “on the go,” looks like a cape on the back of the chair. It can have a different design, but the main task of this device is a spin massage with a possible function of heating with infrared rays.

In essence, the massager can be used not only in the automotive salon. This cape can be put on any armchair (at home or in the workplace). To massate or warm up the back without any assistance can anyone who bought this gadget.

In this article we will talk about the most common versions of the automotive massager for the back.

Long-standing assistant.

The capes for the car chair began to use for a very long time. They looked and were made quite simple. These were wooden or bamboo balls, interconnected by a fishing line.

It was put on the product on the back and was attached to the back.

Despite the simplicity, the effect was stunning and the “assistant for the back” attracted many. When the backs with a wooden massager for a car chair, an impact on the muscles occurred, and the driver was easier to transfer all the long-term burden.

Modern massage cape.

Now the car massager fully complies with modern requirements for both the design itself and its design. Manufacturers offer a lot of color options, material and modifications.

The coating is primarily durable, wear-resistant. In this case, the material is light and it is very easy to clean. Designer finds will allow any contemptive motorist to choose a product specifically for its salon (at home or office cabinet) without violating the overall concept of style.

Functions of the device.

A modern device, like a wooden massager, works on the principle of moving and vibration of special rollers. They rotate and move, at the same time muscles of the back, lumbar zone, eliminating muscle fatigue and weakness.

The remote control is attached to the instrument, the device can be charged from the cigarette lighter in the car.

Works automotive massager in several modes: warming up, vibration, tapping, kneading. Massage rollers can move up and down by rotating. So imitated the movements of the hands of the masseur – kneading.

In addition, individual massage rollers can make a point massage – Shiatsu, a warm local area of ​​the body as a specialist does it with a finger.

The vibration effect has a special property – stimulate and excite muscle activity. In this case, the effect of pats and tapping occurs. This method does not lead to deep overlap, but is designed to increase the vigor and the concentration of the driver’s attention.

These impact methods can be combined by achieving the desired effect from the procedure. Moreover, in some models there is an independent setting of the direction of the rotational movement of massage plastic rollers.

Many (in most cases) massagers – capes on the car seat are equipped with a heating function. This allows you to more deeply work out the parts of the body, relaxing and making muscle fibers more elastic and puffy. Using heating, the result of the device becomes much greater.

Effect of application. bamboo

In fact, this is a great idea – put on the car seat massager! What can give this simple way to improvement? As a result of the analysis of the set of reviews, the main “indicative” moments of the beneficial influence of the “Automation” were selected.

Massage effect on the muscles of the back has a prophylactic effect in several directions: the formation of intervertebral hernia and protrusions, dismissal displacement. Also, with the help of vibration massage and heating, the risk of formation or exacerbation of prostatitis and hemorrhoids is reduced.

The impact on the cerheth-collar zone relieves fatigue and removes headaches. The car massager even helps in weight loss! The kneading and vibration helps to remove or reduce the manifestations of cellulite on the buttocks and even on the hips.

Using the tapping mode, you can solve the problems with the back – improve muscle tone and get rid of some pains in the lumbar department. Car seat massager can be for many real

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