Sports sedan Nissan Maxima.

Back in 1976, Japanese specialists from Nissan came to mind the idea to create a high-class four-door sports car. Perhaps on the luxury and space of the cabin, he did not reach the full-sized sedan, but he really exceeded him in terms of manageability and dynamics. Five years have passed, and the flagship model under the name of Nissan Maxima appeared in the company’s model range, which fully answered these requirements. Over the past forty years, seven generations of the model changed.

Among them were such copies as Nissan Maxima A32, which became the best imported car in the USA 1995 and in 1996 according to Motor Trend, and its 3.0-liter engine ranked first in the Ward list. True, in Russia the following fifth generation of Nissan Maxima with an A33 index, which received the QX console. Unfortunately, it was from this car that the glory of the sports sedan gradually faded, in favor of promoting a cheaper youth model Altima. And, nevertheless, the idea of ​​the four-door sports sedan of the luxury class was not forgotten, and therefore the debut at the auto show in New York in 2009 the seventh generation of Nissan Maxima with the A35 index attracted increased attention to the general public.

Understanding the importance of consolidating success, in 2011 Nissan presented the updated version of Nissan Maxim.

The last generation of Nissan Maxima is characterized by a characteristic non-standard appearance. Thanks to a peculiar FishingRadiator grille and the forked form of the head optics in the style of Nissan GT-R, the “face” of the sedan looks like sports aggressive. The overall silhouette is made in the branded Liquid Motion concept, smoothness and dynamics are noticeable in relief sidewalls and in shortened stern. Supplements the energetic appearance rear LED optics and alloy wheels of the original shape.

The exterior of the car can be slightly changed from the option of configuration or tuning package. So if 18 inch wheels are available in standard versions of S and SV, then with the Sport package, the Nissan Maxim package receives the 19th discs, rear spoiler and xenon headlights, and in the Premium package also double panoramic sunroof.

Naturally, depending on the option of the configuration, the level of equipment of the car is changing. However, since Nissan Maxima is the flagship of the company’s model range, even in the basic version, the buyer has the right to count on a luxurious leather trim of seats with a contrasting line in the style of Infinity, inserts and panels made of wood and polished metal, as well as two-zone climate control, invincible access system , Cruise control and six airbags. The landing of the driver and the front passenger is most convenient as possible, because the first chair with an eight-speed adjustment and memory of the provisions, and the second with a four-position. However, sporting character found and here is reflected, planting several jewelry.

In addition, heating and ventilation of the seats are provided for their comfort, as well as heated steering wheels. Driving are the transfer of gearboxes, and the three deep wells of the dashboard with white backlight are located, and the main place on the central console took a seventh multifunctional touch screen. With it you can control a lot of interesting and useful systems: navigation XM Navtraffic with voice accompaniment, communication (Bluetooth telephone loud link), information Zagat Survey, music Bose with eight speakers, hard disk by 9.3 GB, satellite radio and iPod connectivity , as well as a parking assistant equipped with a camera. Due to the shortened wheelbase, on the rear sofa, Nissan Maxim A35 is not as comfortable as in a full-sized sedan, and even in the width it is better to stay together.

Interestingly, in the Sport or Premium version, the back back of the seats does not fold, because there is a special panel there, further increasing the rigidity of the housing to twist.

Despite the fact that Nissan Maxima as the flagship is close to the models of the luxury division of the Japanese company Infinity, the difference is more than significant. Unlike the INFINITY cars, Maxima is built on the front-wheel drive FF-L platform with a low center of gravity, and it felt in the behavior of the car. Pendant independent with transverse stabilizers, front rack, rear – “multi-phase”. Front and rear brakes disc ventilated with ABS, EBD and BRAKE ASSIST.

In addition, the comfort and safety of driving is responsible for steering with changing reverse force, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Traction Control System (TCS). Well, in conclusion of speech on the technical characteristics of Nissan Maxima & # 8211; As a power unit, the only option is proposed – gasoline V6 engine VQ35 with a volume of 3.5 liters with a capacity of 290 horsepower. This motor works paired with a new Xtronic CVT variator with sports and manual modes. jewelry

In the US, the price of Niss

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