The 9 best TV tuners.

2020 rating: choose the best DVB-T2 tuner for digital TV.

The best simple DVB-T2 tuners for digital TV The best tuners for cable TV and DVB-T2 The best inexpensive universal DVB-T tuner The best high-end digital tuners.

Today’s topic is the best TV tuners. Nowadays a blurred picture on your TV screen looks amazing, and a high-quality image has become the norm. Even if you live far away from major cities and are not a subscriber of any cable TV provider, you still have the opportunity to watch your favourite programmes in good quality. All you need to do is to buy a DVB-T2 tuner, and even a first-grader can set it up.

In more complicated cases a satellite receiver, which can work with a T2-MI transponder, will help out-of-towners.

However, digital TV tuners are also relevant for city-dwellers. Not all of them need 100500 channels and the sets in social packages do not differ much from T2 channels. On the other hand, combined tuners provide the most variety and flexibility, so in our review they are given due attention.

Rating of the best TV tuners.

Category Name Name Rating Price Best simple DVB-T2 tuners for digital TV 1 BBK SMP002HDT2 8.0 / 10 990 Best tuners for cable TV and DVB-T2 1 LUMAX DV-4207HD 8.9 / 10 1 550 2 Selenga HD950D 8.8 / 10 1 140 3 LUMAX DV-3215HD 8. 7 / 10 1 390 4 Oriel 421 UD 8.6 / 10 1 495 5 Selenga T81D 8.5 / 10 1 360 Best inexpensive universal DVB tuner 1 World Vision Foros Combo T2/S2 8.9 / 10 1 800 Best high end digital tuners 1 Openbox AS4K 2X UHD 9.3 / 10 7 250 2 MECOOL KIII PRO 9.2 / 10 10 990

The best simple DVB-T2 tuners for digital TV.


The most affordable DVB-T2 TV tuner from a well known manufacturer. Unlike more advanced models BBK, SMP002HDT2 can not play multichannel audio during the built-in media player. More precisely, the hardware of the device is quite capable of such a feat, while the limitation is purely software. The second «loss» — no display, which is unlikely to seriously upset anyone. Other features of the console is comparable with the talents of the older representatives of the lineup.

For instance, it easily uploads one TV programme to a connected flash drive or a hard disc and simultaneously watching other channels. It is ready to supply power to your antenna amplifier, if it needs only 5 V voltage. It understands the EPG standard and supports TimeShift mode. Even the main drawback of this tuner is the same — inconvenient remote.

Unfortunately, this type of remote control is supplied with almost all latest digital receivers of the company.

Decent sensitivity; good functionality; capable of powering low voltage antenna amplifiers.

Uncomfortable remote control; does not support multichannel audio.

The best tuners for cable TV and DVB-T2.


If the constructional features of the TV antenna have no influence on its suitability for co-operation with the set-top box, then everything is not so simple with the connection of the latter to the Internet. The range of suitable Wi-Fi adapters is woefully poor, and it is difficult to find them even in major shops. From this point of view the DV-4207HD TV tuner is a complete ready-made solution, since the necessary module is already integrated into its casing by the manufacturer. It is a pity that the flipside of such care for the consumer is that the number of USB ports has been reduced. With IPTV the recommended model works fine, without any problems with playing HD channels.

The mode of downloading new API-keys over the net helps to struggle with periodical changes of the YouTube access settings. The ability to display the weather forecast and view emails (if encoding allows) can be seen as a feature of this set-top box. The clock over Wi-Fi is synchronised.

integrated Wi-Fi adapter; works well in all stated modes; Meecast compatible; teachable remote; metal housing. hard disc

Selenga HD950D.

As chipmakers are in no hurry to please TV tuner manufacturers with an abundance of basic components (unlike their TV box counterparts) the latter are forced to use old hardware platforms produced in accordance with ancient technological standards. For consumers, the most unpleasant consequence of such &lquo;backwardness» is increased heat dissipation under high computing load. If the heating of a normal STB can be considered weak when receiving terrestrial digital channels, its case is not cold when working with IPTV, YouTube, and other online services. Obviously, the optimal mode in this mode is

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