The top 10 books about the business that everyone should read.

Today in the world there are a great many books about business, but really interesting and informative are quite small. Business books are helpful to read not only novice start-ups and acting managers, but also everyone who wants to build a successful career. Reading business books, we will learn about the stories of success, about the errors and difficulties that the authors faced on their own experience and on effective ways to solve these problems.

These books inspire, motivate, change the worldview, are forced to think, and someone prompt to action!

We chose the best for you, in our opinion, publications that are happy to recommend reading. Read and inspire!

1. Henry Ford “My Life, My Achievements”

This book went around almost all states. She is printed in many languages. Everywhere her editions were diverged. A burning interest in it was created not by artificial advertising hype, but its own content – for this book, the life and activity of a very large person, for her practical experience of the creator of production, not extent by scale and organization.

In his book, Henry Ford is divided by the history of his life, with its views on business management, its ideas in the theory of management and in general in the entire economy. His ideas are embodied now in thousands of companies that work on the principle of implemented by Ford at the beginning of the twentieth century. intern

2. Richard Branson “Nude Business”

The first of the books of Sir Richard, fully dedicated to the history of the creation and peculiarities of his business. “Instead of ragging on these pages about your success, I just wrote the whole truth about my companies,” writes Sir Richard. In addition to the frank stories about the successes and failures of the group of companies Virgin, this book is priceless by advice and quotes from the real notebook of the entrepreneur.

3. Golini Vasily, Logaster “How to create a corporate identity and not ruin”

Free manual for small business on creating a corporate style. Tips, practical examples, useful services. The book is written in a simple and understandable language about what is a corporate identity and how to create it to him.

4. Robert Kiyosaki “Rich dad, poor dad”

“Without education you will not achieve anything in life!” – Is it familiar to this statement? For a long time, those times have already passed when education was necessary to achieve wealth and goals. Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is about it. In this book, the author argues that in schools and universities does not teach real life and do not show ways to achieve wealth.

In a simple and accessible language, the author talks about the secrets of enrichment and financial literacy.

5. AIN RAND “Atlant straightened his shoulders”

The book Ain Rand can be safely attributed to the category of “Must Read”. For many entrepreneurs, this book is the Bible, the rationale for their mission and the right to pride; This book is changing the worldview, forms a holistic vision of the world and gives answers to questions about the meaning of human life and the public value of entrepreneurship. This is a call to be brave, strong and persistent.

6. Richard Branson “To hell with everything, try and do!”

Branson book – manifesto life, action, risk. The credo of its author is to take everything from life. It means not to be afraid to do what you want. At the same time, it does not matter whether you have enough knowledge, experience or education. Life is short to spend it on things that do not bring pleasure.

If there is a head on the shoulders and sufficiently behind the heart, any goal will be forces. If you like something – do. I do not like – throw, not thinking.

The book carries a huge charge of optimism, wisdom and faith in the possibility of every person.

7. Maxim cats “and botany do business”

Maxim Kotov’s book “and botany make business” opened a new look at the business and its foundations. Many, reading this book, decided to open their business. This is not just a guide on the concept of building a business. This is a book that turns the inner world. Throughout the book, the reader compets the main character and laughs with him.

This is a stunning work that deserves attention.

8. Tony Shey “Delivering happiness. From zero to billion “

In this book, several stories are collected at once, one incently another. Autobiography of one of the brightest young businessmen of recently, who has begun their first business at nine years. The history of the development of its company Zappos, for ten years from scratch-breaking to billion turnover.

And most importantly, the story about how Tony and his associates managed to build a business that pleases with their existence not only owners, but also everyone involved in the company – from employees and customers to suppliers and partners. All plans and samples, mistakes and curbs, principles and commandments of Zappos are first-hand and first-person. The book will enjoy everyone who is interested in the success stories of modern companies and the principles of creating a strong business

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