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MINI & NDASH; Autocomputer company, which specializes in the release of a new generation of the famous British car. It all started with the fact that John Cooper at the end of the 40s registered a new firm. By calling her Cooper Car Company, he began to develop compact racing cars. In the end, the designer Isgonis and the son of John Cooper, Michael, in 1959 released an economical and compact car, which, despite his miniature, was designed for four passengers. In addition, Cooper has produced tuning kits for their own machines.

For 40 years, only about five and a half million such cars were produced. Today, the MINI car and its famous Cooper model are produced by BMW concern. Since May 2001, New Mini began to be made – a new generation of car famous brand.

However, let you do not deceive the name of the brand – in the range of MINI models there are Countryman crossover, and even limousine.Evolution. Natural selection (Evolution) lizar

Two thousand and ten was a landmark year for the Russian board games industry. This year saw the light

Evolve it!

Despite all its laurels, the original

The game uses one deck of cards that are responsible for the properties of animals. She is also responsible for the condition of the end of the game – as soon as the supply of cards runs out, the party will end. The animals are presented with comfortable ergonomic tablets, on which their population and body size are marked with wooden cubes.

From the start, each participant receives one such tablet. The gameplay is divided into several simple phases:

• All players receive three attribute cards from the deck, and then draw one more for each type of animal they have (tablet).

• Participants then create a pool of available herbivorous food for the current turn by revealing one of their Trait cards on the watering hole. The values ​​on the maps can be either positive or negative, which allows you to artificially regulate the population of competitors’ animals.

• Starting with the first player, everyone takes turns playing any number of ability cards from their hand, either attaching them to animals or discarding them in order to create a new species or increase the characteristics of an existing one. Body size is responsible for security

• After all participants have played the desired number of cards, the feeding phase begins. The cards previously laid out on the watering hole are turned over, the available amount of food is calculated, and the players take turns feeding their pets. Herbivores take food from the watering hole, while the predator attacks other creatures, getting as much food at a time as the victim’s body size. That is, the more plump the animal is, the more difficult it is to hunt it, but it also brings more food, allowing it to build an aggressive strategy.

If there was not enough food for everyone, the population of the species decreases by one for each unit of food that was not received. All food eaten is sent to the players’ personal bags – at the end of the game, it will bring victory points.

This simple mechanic is embellished with a good synergy of various properties, allowing for bizarre but effective hybrids and even raising creatures to feed their own predators. The limitation on the number of properties also went to the game only for the benefit

No more than three properties in one paw!

The quality of the components in the Russian version is excellent – the cards are dense and pleasant to the touch. Food tokens and tablets are made of thick cardboard, cutting is close to perfect. I cannot but mention the original token of the first player, made in the form of a plastic dinosaur of one of sixteen types. For example, I got the ceraptopside family. But the plywood lizard, which is a bonus to the boomstarter edition, I did not appreciate.

Yes, she is a symbol of the series and is made to last. But it is too bulky and must be glued, carefully adjusting the halves, since without glue in the stand it does not hold.

The disadvantages of the domestic edition can also be attributed to the lack of an organizer (in the European one), budget bags and even the absence of bags for cards and tokens. By the way, the maps of the domestic edition differ from the western ones in the absence of a black border around the edges and in Russian text on the shirt. Therefore, if you decide to buy an English-language add-on, take care of colored protectors that hide the differences.

Otherwise new

And I can’t wait to master the add-on

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