You can also buy souvenirs from iherb itself in this section — from a handy bright green eco-bag for shopping to a teapot or iHerb-branded sports nutrition shaker cup.

Keep in mind that you can only put two items from this section into your basket at the promotional price at a time, if you put more in and don’t notice, some of these items will be bought at full price.

Promotion on new generation KN95 and KF94 protective masks on iHerb.

How do I choose and buy something on iHerb?

I usually either look specifically for a product that I’ve seen in recommendations on blogs, for example, or I search by category, sorting products by popularity and looking at reviews of the top ones.

In this respect I am quite pragmatic and therefore rarely experiment. So my selection «The best of eicherb» is really the best, something that’s not just me, but hundreds or even thousands of people have chosen in these categories.

Shall we get on with it?

The best vitamins on iHerb.

The first thing worth going shopping for on iHerb —vitamins and supplements.

And any —complex, specialty and even exotic brands, the best vitamins in the world are sure to be available to buy here. Of course, it is better to buy any supplements as prescribed by a doctor, but so far in my life I have met either doctors who either do not know anything except Revit» or simply do not want to know, or maybe they just do not want to share what they know.

There is a very wide range of multivitamins on IHERB. goji berries

A great article reviewing the best vitamins for women, with a proven composition and high digestibility, which I myself have been taking for years.

Fancy goji berries and chia seeds, green coffee, omega-3 (or fish oil), complex and specialty vitamins, what not here and what not I put in my basket here.

Vitamin complexes for women, men and children.

I know those who absolutely reject multivitamins, but personally, I’m more comfortable most of the time drinking vitamins in a single dose, rather than gulping down handfuls of them from morning to night, as some Aicherb guru from Instagram advises.

My vitamin intake scheme is as follows — 2-3 times a year I drink a complex of vitamins with iherb alternating with a complex of mono-vitamins and minerals, and I drink them not every day and not always stick to the recommended dosage, especially if it is more than 2-3 tablets a day, then I’d better buy a more expensive, but where the maximum benefit in one capsule, when taking them I guided by their own feelings, plus a couple of times a year I take a blood test.

My experience has shown that even with this approach, you can get enough nutrients to support your body and provide it with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

But, of course, it is desirable to use any vitamin or supplement under the supervision of a qualified doctor, with all the necessary tests before, during and after taking it.

All vitamins are divided into categories.

The most well-known and popular consumer brands of vitamins and supplements on iHerb — Solgar, 21st Century, Now Foods, Garden of Life, etc.

I am a big fan of the complex Alive! from Nature’s Way — in my opinion, the best complex vitamins for adults —men and women on the price-quality relationship, they really make a visible effect, my body becomes more vigorous, my nails strengthen and my skin becomes more beautiful.

I especially like their advanced formulas, where in addition to vitamins, all sorts of useful additives such as Reishi mushrooms, Chlorella, Spirulina, cranberry extract, Rutin, Inositol.

It is possible (and better) to take all these supplements separately, and the dosage in individual capsules will be bigger, and thus the positive effect can be seen faster, but, again, I am often too lazy to drink pills by handfuls.

Vitamins and minerals in mono-format.

When tests or doctors detect a clear deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals, a concentrated intake of the exact minerals or vitamins that you need is required.

Calcium for strengthening bones, teeth and nails should preferably be taken as a complex of minerals with vitamin D. For myself I chose the favourite Alive! high calcium content with high bioavailability. Iron Personally, I take Solgar’s Soft Iron, where the iron itself is firstly in chelated form, which means it is maximally well absorbed, and secondly, it is less damaging to the stomach. (It is desirable to take it as a complex). (On Iherb, magnesium is available not only in tablet form, but also in oil and even bath salt — the so-called Epsom salt)

If you have trouble sleeping, you don’t necessarily need sleeping pills. Sometimes it suffices to supplement your B-vitamins and magnesium.

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